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Janet David

      Janet has been performing for several years. First with her mother doing big band and swing music, and later with her own bands singing country, swing, rock'n roll, blues, and anything else the crowd wants to hear.

     Janet had some success with several songs that charted in the national charts. She performed in Nashville at many of the top clubs and worked some with Little Jimmy Dickens' band. Her records were very popular in  Europe. A European tour was cancelled due to problems with another band.

      Janet returned to Texas. She was part of the management of the Manvel Opry. She has performed with many local groups, and formed The Texas Heartaches in the mid 90's. The Texas Heartaches played many venues in the Houston/ Galveston area. One of the most interesting was in a television show recorded in Magnolia for distribution in Europe. The show was "The Nashville Knights in Texas" Janet was a host of the show. The Texas Heartaches were the Nashville Knights. The band at that time included Cliff Bruner on fiddle, Deacon Anderson on the lap steel, Jim Fannin on bass guitar, Bob Jones on drums, Bobby Porch on guitar, and Donnie David running the sound for both the live show and the mix for the video. There were guests on each show. The most memorable guests were "The Daughters of the Purple Sage." These ladies were daughters of "The Riders of the Purple Sage" and were a real pleasure to work with. It was an experience.

Jim Fannin

     Jim has been playing music most of his life. Both of his parents were musicians. His dad played anything with strings on it and performed in bands in Kentucky and later inTexas. Jim's mom performed with her sisters in Kentucky and after the family moved to Texas, worked at some of the local studios as a vocalist and guitar player.

     Jim was in his church choir and in band in school, playing the trombone. After graduation he began playing guitar and bass in several local rock and roll and blues groups. Returning to Texas after a tour in the Navy, Jim played with several local country bands.

     He met Janet at the Manvel Opry and when they left the opry they formed Janet David and the Heartaches. Deacon Anderson suggested the name change to Texas Heartaches and it stuck.



Dale David

     Dale joined the band in 2000. He has carried on in his dad's footsteps. He is one of the main reasons we sound like we do. He is responsible for setting up and tearing down the stage equipment. He runs our mixing board, and makes us sound good. Dale is our go-to guy if something needs to be fixed.

Dusty Hoffpauir

Dusty has been a Texas Heartache from the start in the early '90's. His job took him out of the area, but he has always been one of our favorite players and a great friend. It is wonderful to have him back




        Patti Dutchyn- Our roadie extrordanaire. Patti helps set up and tear down equipment, tends our store at events, and generally makes herself useful.

She makes everything much easier for the rest of us.



Erik Fannin - Drums, guitar, keyboard, and vocals. Erik has been playing with us for many years. He started playing in bands with his dad when he was 12. His years of experience makes him a big asset for any band. He is also the lead singer for a really great classic rock band, Beggars Union.

George Welch Drums and vocals. George is our newest Heartache. He keeps us in line and on time. Drums are the heartbeat of music and George keeps us going strong.

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